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My Work

I love this photo, it's my son and before you are outraged, no I do not make him sleep outside. He set it up then said, "Momma, take a picture" I think it's brilliant! I like to highlight my clients because they are passionate people like me. I am lucky enough that at this point in my career I can work with people I really like and I think it shows in my work. Take a look! 

My Work 

Marketing Questions

Sometimes I think being a marketing professional is akin to being a therapist, when people find out what you do they start asking for advise. I don't mind it so much, it's nice to help. I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here for you. 

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Things I Love

Sometimes things strike me as great and I want to share, like this sign. I was walking down the street with my lovely sister in NYC and saw it. I hope to highlight things that either make you laugh or or inspire you in some way. Indulge me a little...

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